Why Choose us?

Why your choice of recruitment agent really matters.

Jobhunting can be a stressful activity and it is in your interest to give yourself the best chance of standing out to a potential new employer. You need to stack the chances in your favour and the cost of the recruitment fee can play a huge part on whether you are offered a job and what your starting salary is.

You are an accountant, you understand the finances, so who would you choose if you were the employer….

Venrec: Our fees are 10% of salary payable over 12 months. So for a salary of £30,000 pa, the employer pays just £300+VAT at the outset followed by 11 instalments of £300 plus VAT.

Typical agencies: Typically fees are 15% payable 14 days after start. So for a salary of £30,000 per annum, the employer needs to pay out a fee of £4,500 plus vat. It is simply not a very attractive proposition!

£300 verses £4,500, we think it’s a no brainer!

Why using Venrec as a sole agency is best;

We are of course happy to represent you, whether you choose to use other agencies or not. But our advice is that to give yourself the best chance you appoint us as your sole representative. In addition to the obvious fee advantage above, there are other reasons why this will work best for you.

First, we consider our reputation and breadth of contacts to be amongst the best in the accountancy sector.

Second, multiple representations reduces impact. We are told time and time again by employers that they see the same CV from multiple sources and this can reduce the “freshness“ of the introduction. It’s no different to selling a house, it is usually the case that houses which are advertised with multiple agents are the ones that have been on the market the longest and all the hardest to sell – this is usually a red flag to potential buyers and it is no different with candidates and employers.

Third, squabbles between agents can put employers off. When an employer receives your CV from several agents, they usually choose one and ask that agent to make arrangements for interview. Clearly because of our reputation and market leading fee structure, Venrec are often the agents the employer chooses to go with. However, it is sometimes the case that other agencies that are put forward same CV contact the employer and argue that they are also due a fee. Sadly, the employer in these circumstances often chooses to simply walk away from the candidate.